Microsoft has admitted that on-screen keyboards for mobile devices are inefficient and that device accessories such as physical keyboards are often limited to one platform. So, it has come up with a solution: Universal Mobile Keyboard.

The company's new product is a fully-functional, Bluetooth-powered keyboard that works with Windows tablets, iOS devices, and Android devices. It even sports an OS switch, which you will need to toggle in order to change from using one operating system to another, as well as a chiclet-style keyset. This specific keyset makes it feels as though you're typing on a lightweight laptop keyboard, an experience many feel both comfortable and familiar with.

"The Universal Mobile Keyboard was built with portability in mind. It’s easy and quick to set up, especially on the go. Simply open the protective cover and the keyboard automatically turns on, and connects using Bluetooth. Shut the cover, and it instantly turns off," explained Microsoft in a blog post published on 16 September. "The cover has an integrated stand that can easily be detached, so you can position your tablet in the most comfortable position."

Other features include an Android home key, the Cmd key normally found on Apple keyboards, an integrated rechargeable battery that supposedly lasts six months, and more. You'll also notice that Microsoft's Windows logo is nowhere to be found on the keyboard, an unusual decision for the company.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard will launch in black and white colour options sometime around October. It should cost $79.95, and you can expect to buy it from the Microsoft Store and other retailers. Watch the video above for more information.