Microsoft will ship its Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 tablet at the end of August and those worried that it will suffer from battery charge failures, as mentioned by several people online who have already been able to play with one, need not fret.

The software giant has revealed that it will be pushing out an update that will address the issue before general availability. You will be requested to download it from day one, before you use the device for the first time.

There have been many complaints from those that were given preview units during the unveiling event last week that the tablets were exhibiting odd behaviour. Neowin claims that its device wouldn't turn on after a night of charging, even when still connected to the charger. The same issue had affected others too.

However, Microsoft representative Jordan Guthman tweeted that all will be well on public release. "We're aware and issuing an update before GA. The power of updates," he wrote.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets start at £639 and will ship to UK customers from 31 August.

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