Microsoft is to hold a dedicated press event for the next generation of its Surface tablet range this evening at 4pm GMT (11am EDT, 8am PDT) and contrary to former rumours there are reports that the company will not unveil a smaller, 7-inch version of the tablet.

So, without the Surface mini making an appearance, what exactly will be shown in New York during the event? We look at the other likely candidates.

Last week, speculation was rife that Microsoft would use the 20 May Surface Event to update its Surface Pro family of tablets. Therefore the Surface Pro 3 was touted.

There's some credibility in it too. The name appeared on a Windows 8.1 support page recently in the phrase "adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera". It was soon pulled and a Microsoft employee claimed it was a typo, but that could be just a smoke screen to cover up an embarrassing leak.

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Some have suggested that a larger version of the tablet is in Microsoft's plans and the latest rumours seem to back up those claims.

Along with a suggestion that the mini will not be unveiled, Computerworld claims that its sources "familiar with Microsoft's plans" reveal that the company plans to increase screen size rather than decrease it. They say that a new device with a 12-inch screen is more likely to be launched at the New York affair.

Some have taken to call this the Surface maxi, but we suspect that it could even be the Surface Pro 3 as above, but with just a new display size.

A refresh of Microsoft's more consumer-centric tablet has about as much chance of being unveiled as the mini, sadly.

The company has only released a 4G version of the Surface 2 in the UK this month (May), so we would think it would like to sell a few of them first before announcing a successor.

There are some websites that are taking a punt on a Surface Pro Book or other laptop-style device that combines the keyboard and touchscreen display. However, considering the entire ethos of the Surface brand and the fact that it can easily be hooked up to a cover that doubles as a keyboard, we're confident the company won't go down this route.

Not yet at least.

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