Microsoft has filed for a "Surface Wireless Display Adapter" with the FCC, revealing the company may have a new way for Surface 2 owners to beam content to their HDTV.

The filing didn't reveal a release date or pricing for the Display Adapter, but did detail the accessory is an HDMI dongle that will allow users to send content from their Surface 2 or Surface 2 Pro to a television set.

It's not clear how the streaming will work - if it will allow specific Internet Explorer tabs, the whole Surface screen, or photo and video content specifically.

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The Surface 2 line has featured wireless streaming in the past through Miracast, but not many HDTVs on the market support the standard. The dongle will be a way of customers with older televisions to watch content on the big screen. The key for Microsoft will be price point.

Microsoft is hardly the first company to jump on the dongle bandwagon, as Google's Chromecast and Roku have been on the market for close to a year with cheaper streaming sticks. The idea is the dongle hardware is low on cost and power, while the tablet and an internet connection take care of the work to push content to the TV. Apple's solution to this is a $99 Apple TV, and we're surprised Microsoft hasn't baked in similar technology on the Xbox One.

We've contacted Microsoft to learn more about its Surface Wireless Display Adapter, and will update you if we hear more.

The confidentiality agreement for the FCC filing is up in August, so a reveal may be destined before then.