If you bought a Surface Pro 2 tablet today (or any time after today), it's likely to sport a faster and safer Intel i5-4300U processor, according to a new report.

The Verge has claimed that Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 now ships with a 1.9GHz chip - rather than the 1.6GHz Intel i5-4200U processor that it featured at launch. Two months is apparently time enough for Microsoft to start upgrading products. After all, its new Surface line only debuted in October.

The Surface Pro 2's new Intel i5-4300U processor is not only clocked higher than the Intel i5-4200U processor but also features Trusted Execution Technology for enhanced software security. Looking at Geekbench scores, it appears Microsoft added the better chip sometime within the last few weeks.

It is unclear why Microsoft decided to quietly and quickly upgrade its Surface Pro 2. A Microsoft spokesman verified the change, emphasising that Microsoft "routinely makes small changes to internal components over the lifetime of a product."

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Pocket-lint has contacted the company for a confirmation and will update if more information becomes available.