When Microsoft unveiled the Surface 2 in New York last month, it also showed off some potential connected accessories for the new tablet under the codename Blades.

The company previewed a short video at the event of some students from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. They thought about the Surface 2's slogan ("Click in and do more") and what type of accessories could actually click in and do more, and they immediately went to work.

During the team's two-day Design Storm, the art students dreamed up blades for Microsoft's second-generation Surface. They imagined concepts like solar panels, dual-plane viewers, coffee heaters, game controllers, cash registers, business-in-a-box POS systems and so much more.

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In fact, the Surface Remix Project is the first example of a blade developed by the students. It's a limited edition click-in blade first shown off at the Surface 2's launch event, and it allows users to remix their favorite songs.

The Art Center College of Design has now released a full 8-minute video of the Design Storm collaboration. Check it out below for a sneak peek at what else Microsoft might soon release for the Surface 2.

Even if none of these products comes to fruition, it's certainly interesting to witness all the click-in concepts and everything the Windows tablet can do.