Microsoft has just sent invitations to the media for a Surface launch event, but that hasn't stopped more leaks from emerging. And the latest bits don't simply concern docks and power covers.

Neowin and WinSuperSite reported on Monday that Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablet would likely be a refresh by the name of Surface 2. It will also sport Windows RT 8.1. The company allegedly plans to drop "RT" from the brand moniker.

Previous reports have already claimed the Surface 2 will ship with Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor, but it will also apparently have a 1080p display, 4GB of RAM and a similar form factor. Still, there are a couple of notable design changes: the tablet will offer an "integrated two-position kickstand" and be available in white.

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Speculation on when we might see the Surface 2 hit shelves points to mid-October, because that's also when Microsoft plans to launch Windows 8.1. Stay tuned for more though, as Microsoft shall likely reveal all at its 23 September event.