The latest rumours have pointed to a mid-October launch for Microsoft's new line of Surfaces, so it's about time for the leaks to start surfacing. No pun intended. In fact, a few leaks have already popped up and gained some steam.

Starting with the Surface 2, said it will run Intel's next-generation Core i5 Haswell processor. It will also include a "refined" kickstand and doubled RAM at 8GB. Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrot also said the Surface Pro 2 will run Intel's next-generation Core i5 Haswell processor, and the device will more than likely offer a choice of RAM at either 4GB or 8GB.

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Thurrot added that the "refined" kickstand on the Surface Pro 2 will offer two different positions (instead of one locked position). As for battery life, Thurrot said it would have an increase from four to five hours to up to seven hours.

Moving on to the physical side of things, Thurrot claimed the Surface Pro 2 will look identical to the current Surface Pro, thus allowing the same keyboard and covers to work.

Final tidbits include the ARM-based Surface being called Surface 2 (rather than Surface RT 2), and the Surface Pro 2 will supposedly lack LTE and wireless support. The Surface Pro 2 will also ship with Windows 8.1 preinstalled.

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Pricing for the new Surface Pro should start around $799 (£511) when it  releases - allegedly around 18 October. That's also around the time Microsoft will launch Windows 8.1, though Microsoft had originally revealed that it planned to release updates to its Surface line during fiscal year ending 30 June 2014.