Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet is set for launch in Japan on 7 June with a 256GB hard drive as an option. The tablet, which sits at the top of Microsoft's Surface range, is designed to bring you desktop-style computing but in a much more portable form.

The tablet launched on 23 May in the UK priced at £719 for a 64GB version, with a 128GB option costing £799. The 256GB version of the tablet will cost 119,800 yen or roughly £780. This is cheaper than the 128GB UK option, but you do need to factor in exchange rates. Clearly anyone with friends in Japan would do well asking them to pick up a surface.

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The 256GB Surface Pro also includes Microsoft's pressure-sensitive pen and Office 2013 for those thinking about picking up a Surface Pro for work. 

We enjoyed Microsoft's Surface Pro, giving it brownie points for a quality screen and its size compared to other Ultrabooks. Up against conventional tablets, however, the Pro is still a bit chunky. 

Whether or not the 256GB Surface Pro will make its way over to the UK remains to be seen. That kind of storage makes it much more of a laptop competitor than the smaller 64 and 128GB models, so we hope it does.