If you find yourself fancying the Surface RT, one issue you might have noticed is the incredibly quiet speaker. This can be problematic if you're engrossed in the plethora of media that's found on the web today. Luckily, Microsoft has your back, as on Tuesday it released an update to the tablet with just the fix. 

Available over the air, the May update for the Surface RT comes with a UEFI firmware update to enhance the Surface RT speaker volume and "improves system stability," according to Microsoft. Furthermore, you'll find the update an update to enable interaction with the Trackpad Settings app for Japanese customers. It's not the biggest update in the world, but should make a bit of difference. 

As for Surface Pro users, they'll find continued improvement for Wi-Fi connectivity and stability and a Trackpad Settings app for Japanese customers. 

Like all other updates, you can install it by accessing the Settings Charm and clicking Windows Update under PC settings.