Microsoft will reportedly unveil 7 and 9-inch versions of a second-generation Surface tablet during the company's Build Developer Conference in June.

It has previously been rumoured that the software giant is looking to expand its Surface range with a 7-inch tablet this year, but it could be joined with a slightly larger iPad mini-rival too.

Citing sources from "the upstream supply chain", Digitimes say Microsoft will not replace the larger existing Surface with a second-generation version, favouring the smaller screen sizes as they have been hugely successful in sales performance in the months preceding Christmas 2012 and since. Rival Google has had great success with the Nexus 7, as has Amazon with its Kindle Fire tablets.

It is known that Microsoft will reveal its long-awaited successor to the Xbox 360 games console on 21 May, and previous rumours have suggested that any new Surface will be integral to its gaming plans in future. Xbox SmartGlass has already given a taste of what is possible with a second-screen device, but we fully expect there to be an even stronger bond between the firm's devices this year.

Interestingly, the Build Developer Conference 2013 will take place from 26 June, whereas games trade show E3 will run two weeks before that event. If the new Surface tablets won't make their debut at Build, what's the betting that Microsoft will announce at least one of them during its Xbox press conference on Monday 10 June?