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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has apologised to European customers who had pre-ordered the new Surface tablet for an October 26 delivery, only to be left disappointed and empty-handed.

As a means of making it up to them, Microsoft will give every customer who was affected a €50 gift card (Update Microsoft has since informed Pocket-lint that UK customers will get a £50 voucher - see below) to spend online at the Microsoft Store. 

Customers in the UK and the rest of Europe had been left confused about their delivery after mixed messages filtered through to them. 

Initially, when rumours of a delay started to emerge, Microsoft began informing customers that there was indeed a problem and that the devices would not arrive until early November. 

However, a second message was then sent out, including a tweet on the Surface’s official Twitter page stating: “Customers should expect their devices by the original date given.”

When that date came and went with no device turning up, disgruntled customers began contacting Microsoft to demand answers.

Microsoft has now acknowledged there was a problem with deliveries and that customers should receive their Surface tablets imminently – they will be alerted via email - along with a €50 gift card by way of an apology. 

The US had its own Surface issues, with Microsoft selling out of 32GB models on its online store.

UPDATE Microsoft has informed Pocket-lint that UK customers will receive a coupon worth up to £50, which is actually more than the current exchange rate for €50. Bonus!

“Customers in the UK and Canada will receive their Surface devices by the original dates given at the time of their orders - between October 26 and October 30. We apologise for any confusion caused by emails stating an earlier or later arrival date.

"To make up for this inconvenience, we are giving impacted customers a single-use coupon for up to £50 (or $50 Canadian dollars) toward their next purchase from the Microsoft Online Store.”

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.