Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows, has attempted to demonstrate the robustness of the soon-to-be-launched Microsoft Surface tablet, by turning it into a skateboard.

Tweeting pictures on his own Twitter feed, Sinofsky is shown attaching four lime-green skating wheels to the back of the 10.6-inch display tablet before taking it for a spin around the reception area of Studio B of the Microsoft Surface offices. But not before donning a colleague’s cycling helmet, later tweeting, “safety first”.

microsoft surface tablet used as a skateboard by windows president image 2

No offence to dear old Steve, but he doesn’t half resemble an awkward dad trying his best to act “cool”. Still, the exercise does enhance the Microsoft Surface’s tough credentials. 

The Microsoft Surface is due to go on sale this Friday, with pre-orders being made now. However, if you live in the UK you'd better order fast as the US Microsoft Store has already said that it has sold out of 32GB versions of the device.