Samsung, Dell and Lenovo have joined Asus as manufacturers who will build PCs running Microsoft’s Windows RT. 

Windows RT is a version of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system but runs only on devices with ARM chips. It will also only be available as part of a computer rather than as an upgrade or paid for update. 

Microsoft will of course be adding its own Windows RT tablet to the mix, with the Surface set to debut when Windows 8 arrives on 26 October. According to rumours, the Surface for Windows RT tablet will debut with a starting price of $199. This is the same cost as both the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire

However, whereas the Microsoft Surface tablet will be used via a touchscreen, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and Asus will offer consumers a desktop means of experiencing the Windows RT operating system. Acer has also said it plans to introduce Windows RT devices, though not until next year.

UPDATE Toshiba meanwhile has said it will “monitor market conditions”. However, according to Bloomberg, the real reason the manufacturer hasn't committed to Windows RT is because of a delay in getting components.

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