It is being reported that Microsoft's own tablet device, the Microsoft Surface, will only be able to connect to Wi-Fi on launch, with no mobile network option available.

Sources claim that, initially at least, the device(s) that was unveiled on 19 June and will come in two iterations - Microsoft Surface for Windows RT and Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro - will not be able to connect to either 3G or 4G networks worldwide.

News website Bloomberg says it has been told such by two anonymous "people familiar with the matter".

However, does this really matter? Many claim that they never use the mobile network functionality of their iPads, which costs them more to begin with. And superspeed 4G (LTE) networks vary from nation to nation in both availability and compatibility - as Apple has found to its cost.

Surface owners could always opt for a Mi-Fi modem instead, after all.

Either way, this may perhaps be an indication that Microsoft is looking to Surface to be a laptop replacement rather than an iPad or Android tablet rival.

What do you think? Would the absence of mobile network connectivity be a mistake for Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below...