The rumour mill has been sent into a spin after Microsoft revealed that it had some rather big news to announce in Los Angeles at 3.30pm on Monday 18 June.

While Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about what we can expect, speculation is mounting that we could be seeing the company’s first own-manufactured tablet that will run on new operating system Windows 8

Microsoft has long been speaking about its plans to implement ARM processors into future devices. These are the same kind of processors used in Android smartphones and, most notably, tablets.

Yet, does this really make sense? Windows 8 is not due to arrive until October, so would Microsoft really unveil key hardware months before we’ll actually be able to use it?

Maybe that’s the point - to generate enough buzz in the lead up to Windows 8’s arrival? However, we’ve seen this type of marketing ploy backfire before, with boredom rather than buzz surrounding a product's arrival.

Others are speculating that rather than be some kind of “iPad killer”, the big reveal will be more akin to a rival Kindle Fire, a type of eReader.

All of which is pure speculation. We won’t know anything for sure until Monday 18 June, 11.30pm (BST). Be sure to tune in then.

What do you think Microsoft's big announcement will be? What would you like it to be? Let us know in the comments section below.