A release preview of Windows 8 will arrive in the first week of June, Microsoft has confirmed.

The news was announced by Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft President, at Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days event before posting it on @BuildWindows8 twitter feed.

The release preview follows a successful Beta trial of the new operating system and means we’re one step closer to a full version arriving later this year, most likely October.

Microsoft has already said that there will be four different versions of the OS; Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 RT

Between them each version will cater for a desktop and tablet experience, with Windows 8 RT the real newbie to the group.

It’s geared towards ARM processors, namely tablet devices, and promises a better battery life as well as user experience.

With October the most likely arrival date for Windows Phone 8 Apollo it’s set to be an exciting end to 2012 for Microsoft and the consumer.

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