OnLive has branched out from its usual cloud gaming setup to bring Windows to tablets. Plans for an OnLive Desktop app that will let you take advantage of Windows Office applications like Word and PowerPoint has been announced. 

The application is due to go live in the App Store on Thursday and will be free with 2GB of secure cloud storage at launch. Using a combination of multitouch gestures and single digit taps you will be able to enjoy a near standard Windows experience on your iPad. Windows keyboard and handwriting recognition is also built into the application, hopefully making the word processing experience a lot easier on a tablet.

Unlike the OnLive gaming app, which is yet to be released in the App Store, OnLive says the Desktop app will launch on Thursday. OnLive however is stating that even PC games are able to run using the app which takes advantage of powerful PC hardware back on OnLive's servers. This could mean the possibility of the likes of Crysis and Battlefield running on your iPad, but we will have to wait and see what happens at launch as OnLive haven't gone into specifics. 

The Windows desktop app is set to spread out across OnLive's entire product infrastructure. It is due out on the likes of Android and even your television or monitor using the OnLive microconsole. This alone could make for the cheapest possible PC money can buy. 

A pro version of the app will also launch soon allowing for 50GB of storage priced in at $9.99 per month. The conventional OnLive Desktop app will arrive on Thursday in the US with no specific launch date for the UK. 

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