Let's not beat around the bush - with the iPad 2 set to launch in a matter of hours now rather than days, and Honeycomb now in full swing courtesy of the Motorola Xoom, nobody really gives a rodent's bottom about Windows 7 tablets, do they?

But Windows 8 devices, that could be pretty exciting - and according to reports we're not all that far off of seeing some. Only around three months off, in fact.

Business Insider is reporting that Microsoft is keen to show off Windows 8 working on tablets before the end of its fiscal year in June.

And, with Computex 2011 taking place in the first week of June, and Microsoft having history of a tablet demos at the Taipei event, the timing couldn't be better.

The Windows 8 demo is reportedly going to show off the platform's "Apple-like" interface and will drawn on aspects from the Metro Windows Phone 7 UI and "Milestone 3" of the Windows 8 development process, along with some Windows Media Centre features.

Not much else is know, and even if Ballmer does give his head a good polishing in aid of a Windows 8 demo, we're still not likely to see any real-world devices hitting the shops until 2012.

A recent Dell leaked tablet roadmap mentioned a Windows 8 device, codenamed Peju, scheduled for January 2012. CES 2012 during that month could be very interesting indeed.