Intel looks have found a new friend in LG for it’s barely alive tablet operating system, MeeGo, following Nokia’s sudden announcement in February that it was backing Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 horse instead.

According to Valtteri Halla, a member of the technical steering group of MeeGo, talking at a developer conference on Friday, LG Electronics has joined a working group to develop a handset version of the software, joining companies like ZTE and China Mobile.

A spokesman for LG said the South Korean company was collaborating with MeeGo in various working groups reports Reuters.

"At this point in time LG has no definitive plans to mass produce devices with MeeGo other than car infotainment systems," the spokesman said suggesting when it comes to Tablets, LG is happy with Android for now.

Between Android, iOS, QNX, and WebOS 3.0 you would forgiven to question whether we need yet another tablet operating system, and judging by LG’s comments it looks like they think so too.

LG already offers phones with both Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS and Google’s Android and is about to launch its first tablet - the Optimus Pad (or G-Slate if you are in the US) in the next couple of weeks.

MeeGo tablet interface hands-on