LG has confirmed that the Optimus Pad will be getting an official launch over in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress - sort of.

Now, the LG Optimus Pad is what we all thought LG's flagship Android tablet would be called - word of it first broke in August 2010 and we hoped for a September launch. However, September came and went and no LG tablet arrived.

Fast forward a few months to January 2011 and the Korean giant unveils the G-Slate with Toshiba over at CES - and we all go away thinking that this device must be what the so-called Optimus Pad became.

But, a LG press release regarding the G-Slate indicates that the Optimus Pad may still be on the cards.

After crudely translating the press release using Google Translate, right at the bottom it says:

"Meanwhile, LG Electronics is the world's commercial tablet PC product 'pad Optimus (Optimus Pad)' is determined by this month, 14 days held in Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) 'open to the general plans."

Now, apart from revealing that Google Translate results can be hilarious, this tells us one of two things - either the G-Slate is going to drop the T-Mobile branding and run wild and free, or there's an entirely new tab coming our way - the forgotten LG Optimus Pad.

We'd love to think it's the latter. Roll on "14 days held" in Barcelona so we can all find out.