Back during the IFA convention in Berlin, Pocket-lint said that the LG Optimus Pad was likely to be announced on 14 September, as part of the company's press conference in South Korea, However, the event was dominated by the launch details of the Optimus One and Optimus Chic smartphones, with only a cursory mention of the Pad.

In fact, CEO and president of the Mobile Communications division, Dr Scott Ahn, revealed that the company is unlikely to launch the rumoured Optimus Pad any time soon:

"LG is currently, definitely working on a tablet," he said, but was keen to stress that the company is not yet in a position to release any details. "We are quite confident that we will provide the best of its kind when we are ready".

"We do not want to introduce just a large tablet. We will provide a best-in-class product, but we need to consider all of the eco systems; software, hardware".

Clearly the recently emerged level of competition, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Folio 100 and the iPad's forthcoming iOS 4.2 upgrade has caused a rethink in LG Towers.

But Dr Ahn did reiterate that a tablet was very much on the company's roadmap:

"The Optimus series is designed to offer a full portfolio, targeting a wide range of products". Just not at this moment.