On the eve of IFA 2010, the consumer electronics show in Berlin, spies who have sneaked into one of LG's Dealer Days - strictly for retailers only - have emerged with tales and pics of the company's Android-based Galaxy Tab/iPad rival that was only previously rumoured. Pocket-lint suspects that the Korean giant was keeping it schtum so it at least had one thing new and surprising to reveal in its keynote speech.

However, the cat is firmly out of the bag, thanks to Multimediawereld.be, and the LG Optimus Pad is nigh-on fully confirmed to be heading our way.

Of course, there's still plenty to find out. The screen shots merely suggest that it'll run on an Android OS, which we already suspected, and that it will be thin: Indeed, "thinner and lighter than many competitors' tablets".

But looking at the pic, it also looks like it carries a 16:9 screen (horizontally) giving a more accurate movie-watching platform than the iPad. And, we'd bet the house on it being a 7-inch tablet to directly challenge Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

Either way, it's yet another indication that the tablet war is just about to go nuclear.

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