Now we've already seen LG's first modern tablet device being demoed at Computex last month - but that was a Windows 7 device. It now seems that LG is planning an Android tablet to rival Samsung's Android Galaxy Tape - and it wants to release it before this year is out.

LG plays second fiddle to South Korean neighbour Samsung in terms of electronic manufacturing in the region and the plans for an Android tablet will no doubt be intended to prevent itself falling further behind, after some pretty impressive details emerged of Samsung's Galaxy Tape tablet (there's also rumours of a second Samsung Galaxy tablet as well).

If LG is going to out-do its rival then it will have to give us more than the 1.2GHz A8 processor with 16GB of built-in storage (and another 32GB via the microSD slot provided) and 4000mAH battery that the Froyo running Tape is supposedly packing.

There are also reports that LG is on board with Microsoft with a view to releasing a batch of Windows 7 Phone running handsets.

Exciting times ahead then for LG as it looks to make strides in the massively expanding mobile device market. But is it too late - is it already playing catch up to its competitors?