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(Pocket-lint) - Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has been working on several tech concepts that will reimagine current gadgets. It recently revealed a bendable laptop during an event in New York that can be rolled to transport. And it has discussed bendy tablet formats in the past.

Now it has shown one of the latter and, instead of folding in on itself as you'd expect, the Lenovo Folio concept device folds over with the screen on the outside.

A video of the concept was posted online by Mobile China, on Chinese video site Youku. It shows someone going hands-on with the working prototype, which does indeed fold in the middle to give two separate screens - one either side of the bent device.


The prospective uses of such a device are yet to be fully explored, although we can see in the video that, as well as provide screens for user and separate viewer, it can also bend back into a larger tablet form and continue to be used in that more standard way.

The Lenovo Folio, as it currently stands, runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, has a resolution of 1920 x 1440 and full, unfolded screen size of 7.8-inches. It has Android 7.0 installed.

Whether it ever sees the light of day is debatable. Lenovo does seem keen on the idea however, so it could well be something we'll see more of at IFA 2017 or the next CES.

Writing by Rik Henderson.