Lenovo has clarified to Pocket-lint in a statement that Ashton Kutcher is designing tablets with the company....and not smartphones.

Lenovo, a China-based device-maker which recently acquired Motorola from Google, revealed to website Recode last week that it would soon release "special edition" smartphones partly developed and designed by the A-list actor.

Kutcher studied biochemical engineering before starring in Hollywood programmes like Punk'd, That 70s Show, Two and a Half Men, Dude Where's My Car and Jobs, and he even co-founded tech venture capital group A-Grade Investments.

Directly quoting Lenovo Chief Marking Officer David Roman as a source, Recode, which launched this year by the former AllThingsD editorial team, specifically reported that Kutcher is working on the upcoming smartphones' user experience.

That claim wasn't considered too far-fetched - especially because Lenovo hired Kutcher in October 2013 as a product engineer and ambassador for its Yoga tablet line. However, Lenovo's new clarification contradicts Recode's report and indicates the website misquoted Roman.

In fact, Ray Gorman, director of external communication at Lenovo, told Pocket-lint that "the development agreement Lenovo has with Ashton Kutcher is for tablets only, and not for smartphones."

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It's therefore unclear if Kutcher is simply continuing his product engineering role for the Yogo tablet line or developing an entirely new line of "special edition" tablets for Lenovo. We've contacted Lenovo for more information and will update if we learn additional details.