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(Pocket-lint) - We're sorry to report that the Lenovo MIIX 10 isn’t particularly outstanding. It's the company's latest Windows 8 device and although this is the 10-inch version, the company is also promising a Windows 8.1 ready 8-inch model too boot.

The 10 therefore gives us some idea of what to expect from the smaller model, but in a form factor that for Windows 8 tablets is already a little staid and "been there, done that".

To fresh eyes the MIIX looks okay. It's solid, well built and will get the job done - just don't expect it to rock your world in terms of design, specs or price. It's a shame, as it's left us puzzled as to what Lenovo is hoping to achieve here. 

On the outside the MIIX 10 is housed in a plastic chassis with an aluminium-effect finish on the reverse, and features a 10-inch IPS screen and the customary bolt-on keyboard that doubles as a case.

Pocket-lintlenovo miix 10 pictures and hands on image 7

The built in Chiclet keyboard is nicely spaced, although the keys don’t have as much travel as you would find on an Ultrabook, and the cover itself is practical but, again, nothing groundbreaking. What doesn't help is that Lenovo has opted for "leather effect" rather than the real deal. Cost cutting seems to be everywhere.  

The cover-come-case features strong magnets to align the tablet to the docking area rather than enforcing a physical bolt-in connection and that does help keep the design flush. The upper corners of the tablet also click firmly into securing the tablet. When the cover is closed the device is a little reminiscent of an old-style personal organiser, but it does finish up being a rather clunky experience.

Connections include micro USB 2.0, an SD card slot, and micro HDMI port. Although the model we saw didn’t have a camera we've been told that the MIIX will be released with a 1.3 MP front camera - you know, for Skype calls and the like. 

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Lenovo says it has an 8-hour battery life, but unluckily for us the power on the single MIIX 10 on display at Computex ran out just a few moments after we got to it. But from what we managed to glimpse the display and interface seemed reasonably smooth and sharp.

Inside and you get an Intel Clover Trail processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of SSD storage. It will run on Windows 8, but Lenovo has yet to confirm whether the 10-inch model be updateable to Windows 8.1, we suspect so.

The Lenovo MIIX 10 is a nice enough device, but nothing special. If you urgently need to replace your Windows 8 tablet and can’t wait for the next generation of Intel Bay Trail-powered tablets to launch in the autumn then it’s well worth considering, but be warned, with an expected price tag of around $600 (£388) this won't be the cheapest option on the block when it comes out in July.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 6 June 2013.