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(Pocket-lint) - Lenovo's 10-inch tablet, the IdeaTab S6000, was available to see only behind closed doors at this year's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. But we break down doors here at Pocket-lint,  and we got to handle Lenovo's latest top-spec slate.

Well, top -pec would probably be pushing it a bit. With a price that's a rough figure somewhere in the £279 ball park - we were quoted €299 - there's a reasonable spec on offer, including a quad-core MT8389/8125 Cortex A7 CPU, clocked in at 1.2GHz. Fairly beefy on the power front and with more than enough grunt to run the Android 4.2 system without a glitch.

Pocket-lintlenovo ideatab s6000 pictures and hands on image 3

In the hand the tablet feels fairly light. It weighs in at 560g which is less than an iPad, but then the plasticky finish is part of the reason for this, we'd wager.

The build quality's none too bad - the rear is subtly textured so it sits well in the hand, and it didn't feel too hot to the touch either.

Camera-wise there's a 5-megapixel rear and 0.5-megapixel front-facing sensor which will be useful for those face-to-face calls via 3G. If, of course, you happen to buy into the 3G model.

Screen-wise, however, we found fingerprints were rather prominent - lots of cloth-cleaning took place - while the 720p resolution isn't astounding by today's standards. Still, the IPS panel did have a decent viewing angle so it's most usable whichever way it happens to be positioned.

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We were also shown a keyboard dock device, although Lenovo did stress it was a prototype and couldn't confirm whether it would make its way into the UK market or, indeed, various other territories. No price point was available for this optional - and unconfirmed - extra.

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The tablet itself ought to be on the shelves come this June. It looks like a fair balance of cash to features, but doesn't seem to bash out the sort of innovation that Lenovo's laptop ranges have been showing of late. IdeaTab? More GenericTab.

Writing by Mike Lowe.