A smart-looking tablet has just emerged in the form of a Lenovo 10.1-inch power-house, which should be launching very soon with a scoop of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system into the mix.

The report by Engadget highlights are variety of features however a firm date is not yet known, with its sources saying the Lenovo tablet should be released by the end of the year.

Specs for the slate look pretty hefty as you'll find beneath its, presumably, super-slim body a whopping Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor along with a hefty 2GB DDR3 RAM. There are a few other choice sippets to come out of the report including a "Fusion-Skin Body" and a fingerprint scanner which can double as a joystick on the rear of the device. Might be handy for gaming, if your sausage fingers keep getting in the way of the action.

Pocket-lint reported on the recent announcement of the Asus Transformer Prime which looks to have a similar spec sheet, however it will be launched in early 2012 with Android Honeycomb before its subsequent ICS update. It seems that Lenovo might get a head start on the competition and, if the launch date is correct, we're sure a few of these beasts will be snapped up in the Christmas shopping.

As ever we'll keep you posted as and when we hear more.