Lenovo president and COO Rory Read has revealed that the Chinese company will be launching a duo of Android tablets later this summer - confirming the rumours that originated from some leaked internal slides back in April.

The Honeycomb packing tablets will be aimed at both the consumer market with the IdeaPad K1, and the business market with a ThinkPad labelled device.

Both tabs will be 10-inchers and will cost between $450 and $900 depending on what hardware spec you choose. The IdeaPad will be landing in July, followed by the ThinkPad a month later.

Read explained that Lenovo's Android tablet ambitions are to outdo the early entrants such as Samsung and Motorola.

"We've really been working to tailor the experience of our tablets," he said. "Some of the early-generation Android devices were a little ahead of their time, and what we're doing here is making sure [our tablets] are strong. We only have one opportunity to make that first good impression."

The Lenovo chief also confirmed that a Windows 7 tablet will be arriving soon as well, and even hinted that 7-inch tablets from the company would arrive too, "later in the cycle" - although he didn't state what OS these would be running.

Lenovo sells LePhone devices in its homeland but Read ruled out entering the smartphone market in the western world in the near future due to the "very crowded space".

He also stated that he thought "netbooks are pretty much over" and claimed that tablets would make up about 15 per cent of the computer market in the next three years.