Don't worry, you're not looking at an image of hands on virtual fire in some kind of geekoid game. Instead this is Intel demonstrating 20-point touch technology on a test Windows 8 unit at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco.

Even though Intel doesn't make hardware, its labs division dabbles in test products to experiment in forthcoming technologies with the idea of looking to the future. With an increasing number of manufacturers making larger touchscreen devices - think 27-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon, or 20-inch Sony Tap 20 - there's an increased scope for multi-user support.

That's the idea behind Intel's 20-point touch demo. The 22-inch touchscreen machine can cater for four individuals' hands and every digit, or imagine two users using both hands to play a competitive touch-based game or collaborative real-time project. There are plenty of possibilities.

Now, we're not convinced it'll be a widely used usage case example, nor is it active in the Windows 8 build, but as it doubles the current maximum 10-point touch system it seems well worth a post.