We get some weird stuff sent in to Pocket-lint towers. Some of it weird-scary (Mr X, please stop sending us your worn undergarments) and some of it weird-cool.

iBallz, luckily, falls into the latter.

Basically, iBallz is a contraption consisting of four foam balls on a piece of elastic string. All you need to do is slot the balls around your iPad and hey presto, you've got yourself a "shock absorbent harness that protects and enhances the appearance of template-style computing".

And, because there's a pulley to tighten the elastic, you can set the balls into different positions, such as leaving one at the back to create a natural typing angle, and iBallz will actually fit any tablet-style device as it's one-size-fits-all.

iballz the weirdest and coolest ipad stand yet  image 3

Available in black, grey and blue iBallz will cost you $19.95 (and $14.95 shipping to the UK) and can even be combined with a number of iPad-based lids and cases for even more protection for your tablet.

It's a wacky design, but it seems to work and that's why we love it.