HTC is rumoured to be the, perhaps unlikely, manufacturer of Google's next tablet device, the much-anticipated Nexus 8.

A previous Chrome bug report cited a "Flounder" codename for the device many speculate as being the sequel to the Nexus 7. It appeared running a test build of Android and was widely reported.

Now an Android 4.4.3 changelist has listed the Flounder codename again, but with the addition of HTC alongside it. It leads some to believe that the Taiwanese company could be the manufacturer chosen by Google to replace Asus.

Either that or the Nexus 8 might be addition to the line and Asus will still be tasked to build a Nexus 7 2014 edition.

The changelist also reveals a second Google codename, "Molly". What that might refer to is anyone's guess.

Pocket Now speculates that it could be the Nexus 5 successor but there's little substantiated evidence to back that up and the site openly admits it's just a guess.