(Pocket-lint) - Pictures of an unannounced HTC tablet have turned up in the internet, suggesting the company could be about to re-enter the tablet market with a new device based on the design ethos of its One series announced in February this year.

The images, which look to have been pulled from a promo video, have been posted on an unused Twitter account before being picked up by phone blog pocketnow.com.

mysterious htc tablet leaked complete with imac style design image 2

There are no details or specs to accompany the images but, judging from the pictures, the device will run Android with a few tweaks.

What is different from your standard-looking tablet however is the design of the tablet itself.

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If the pictures are real, the tablet has a lopsided design that reminds us of an Apple iMac, with a camera at the bottom of the tablet's display when held in landscape orientation. When in portrait the extra space seems to be for gripping the device without worrying about interfering with the screen.

mysterious htc tablet leaked complete with imac style design image 5

From the pictures, the new tablet looks to be a 10-inch tablet rather than 7-inches as seen on HTC's first tablet, the HTC Flyer. Likewise, there is no reference in the images to the inclusion of a stylus as found in the Flyer.

As to when HTC could announce the device, or in fact if the images are real, is still anyone's guess.

We will keep you posted. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.