Reports have come out that HTC will be launching a powerful quad-core tablet early next year (2012), and if true, will hopefully use high-spec to entice customers to its wares.

The news comes out of Digitimes, who reports that along with the new tablet, HTC will also be launching two new phones - though the fact that a massive mobile manufacturer will be launching phones at MWC 2012 doesn't exactly come as a surprise.

What is interesting, however, if the report is true, is that this HTC news, as well as the Asus Transformer Prime announcement and Lenovo 10-inch tab rumour, perhaps marks the start of a true PC-spec within a tablet. And if the OS is right, then tablets could start being able to perform similar tasks, especially work-orientated tasks, to a PC. This is clearly the aim of the Asus Transformer Prime with its keyboard dock.

Quad cores should also make for a less sluggish experience when multitasking and may also help with battery life.

It is suggested that the HTC quad-core tablet will launch before the release of IE8, so certainly before the fourth quarter. Mobile World Congress is therefore a likely candidate, however we may get a sniff at CES in January.