We all knew that the HTC Flyer was due to land around 9 May - but until now we didn't have a confirmed price point.

And, despite retailers estimating that the damage for the 7-inch Android tab would be around £600, Expansys has opened up pre-orders for the device at £479.99. We've also received an email from the retailer stating it will be on sale "this week".

That price will buy you the 16GB Wi-Fi only version and Expansys states that: "if you place a pre-order for this product now, we will not ship the product or charge your credit card without confirming you still wish to proceed when stock arrives".

The HTC Flyer is a Gingerbread tablet that has HTC's Sense UI over the top. It is the Taiwanese manufacturer's first foray into the ever expanding tablet market.

HTC Flyer interface walkthrough

HTC Flyer vs Apple iPad

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