The HTC Flyer could be here in April and cost £600 according to UK retailer Clove.

Although HTC has yet to officially set a date other than Q2, or a price for that matter, following the launch of its pen touting tablet at Mobile World Congress in February, that hasn’t stopped the electrical retailer breaking rank and splashing us with the news.

“We’ve had some good news this afternoon,” says the company’s blog. “The first stock of the HTC Flyer is due to land mid-April!”

Because of that, Clove has slapped up a pre-order page for those keen enough to say yes to the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet with Sense UI.

But before you start to moan that’s more expensive than “a n other” tablet you can thing of – Clove put in a handy caveat that probably means they are merely guessing at the price:

“As usual, prices on pre-orders will be amended prior to shipping once an official price is confirmed,” it warns.

We've contacted HTC and awaiting an official comment.

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What do you think? Are you likely to pre-order the new HTC tablet?