HP is planning to launch a tablet or hybrid device with a fourth-generation Intel Core processor inside, rather than the chip manufacturer's Bay Trail chipset designed for such a thing. And what's more, to distinguish it from an iPad-style tablet and a two-in-one Ultrabook, it will be fanless.

That means the processor will not need cooling by a noisy fan, but that there won't be any fans of such a device. If HP manages to pull it off, we suspect there will be many out there excited about the product. Especially as it could potentially run full Windows 8 rather than Windows RT.

According to Engadget, a HP executive told the site that its fanless tablet was actually on stage during Intel's press conference at Computex 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan, but no attention was drawn to it. An official announcement is coming later this year, they said.

Engadget also explains that it thought a fanless tablet with full Intel processor would have to wait until it released Broadwell, its fifth-generation chipset, but that now seems not to be the case.

We have no idea what a fanless design might do for power consumption, or heat dispersion, but we guess we'll find out soon enough.