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(Pocket-lint) - HP has dropped the price of its HP TouchPad in the UK, following a $99 fire sale in the US that saw stock instantly fly of the shelves. 

HP has yet to confirm the price drop themselves, however that hasn't stopped Dixons Store Group, that operates Currys and PC World in the UK, confirming that the price drop will be £89 for the 16GB model and £115 for the 32GB model; both being available from those stores on Tuesday:

"Currys & PC World stores: HP Touchpad SALE CONFIRMED FROM TUESDAY AM, Limited Stock £89 for the 16gb and £115 for the 32gb" the company's PR man relayed over Twitter.

Dixons.co.uk will have stock from later on Monday:

"Dixons.co.uk: HP Touchpad SALE, Limited Stock online from later today. £89 for the 16gb and £115 for the 32gb"

That's a drop from £400 for the 16GB model just last week.

Over the weekend UK prices did start to drop, with the £300 being the cheapest on the block at one point.

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The news will no doubt be welcomed by customers looking to get the HP tablet on the cheap, however it’s worth pointing out that in doing so you are buying a tablet whose operating system may not be supported by developers going forward. 

That’s fine if you are just looking to surf the web or check your email, but is unlikely to be helpful if you want to get the latest games or apps. Until we know what is likely to become of the operating system developers are unlikely to develop for it going forward.

HP said over the weekend that it would continue to support the webOS platform (HP on webOS: It is not dead yet) and that it was working with the developer community to “ensure the platform's evolution as a robust operating system for an increasingly mobile and connected world”.

HP added that it intends “to enhance the platform as we explore the options for webOS in today's marketplace.”

Units in the US quickly vanished as customers rushed out to buy the price slashed TouchPad before stock was gone. The same is likely to happen in the UK. 

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UPDATE: We've had word that it will be online on Dixons from 6pm

Writing by Stuart Miles.