The HP TouchPad never really stood a chance if murmurs emerging from the webOS locker rooms prove to be true.

TheNextWeb is reporting that HP's own web engineers were using an iPad 2 (using web based apps) to test the functions of webOS, as the TouchPad hardware was too slow. Apple's machine ran apps twice as fast a source claims.

It's perhaps not surprising that a dual-core A5 chip was able to outpace the single 1.2GHz core in HP's tablet - but what is shocking is the fact that the TouchPad was apparently two years in the making; originating well before HP's takeover of Palm, and with the suggestion that webOS was made to be a square peg to fit its round OS shaped hole.

The word is that the webOS team wanted the TouchPad and the new Pre phones gone as they were restricting what they could do.

The rumoured HP TouchPad Go 7-inch version that has been doing the rumour mill rounds is apparently real - and a much better device - but there are doubts that this will get a release now. There's also talk that a next-gen device with a Retina-like display was in the works too.

But, with HP effectively killing off webOS, at least on its own devices, that's hardly likely to see the light of day now either.

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