HP's 9.7 inch screen touting TouchPad is set to hit UK shelves in mid-July, the company has announced. 

Packing what looks to be an almost entirely new version of WebOS, HP has a lot set on the TouchPad, which they are hoping will bring the ex-Palm technology back to the fore.

The TouchPad is going to be priced in at £399 for a 16GB model, or £479 for 32GB, putting it in direct price competition with multiple Android tablets and of course the iPad 2. 

Multitasking is order of the day with WebOS, with early previews pointing to an incredibly slick UI experience. The TouchPad also uses very clever Touch to Share technology that means it can communicate with other WebOS devices. NFC means that bringing a WebOS powered handset near to the tablet will see information pushed between them. 

The TouchPad has also taken a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 route and opted for that extra .2GHz in its dual-core processor. The rest of the TouchPad's spec sheet is pretty serious as well, with a 1.3 megapixel front facing cam, 1024 x 768 screen resolution and Beats Audio technology. The tablet also has a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass for gaming or orienteering (if you are a scout).. 

HP plans on shifting the tablets through their own sales outlet, which given its massive influence in the PC sales market, should see them sell quite a few.

To HP? Or not to HP? That is our question...