Google has just signed up HP to it’s Google Cloud Printing service meaning that when Chrome OS launches in the Summer it’s users will be able to print from the start, as long as they’ve got a HP ePrint printer.

HP, no stranger to letting it’s users email their printer to print things, has confirmed that it will be supporting Google’s Cloud Printing service on it’s latest batch of ePrint printers.

“With HP ePrint-enabled printers and Google Cloud Print, it just got easier to print from your mobile device,” claims HP. “All you need is the cloud - no drivers, no PC connection, no additional software.”

Users will now be able to associate their printers with a Google Account to start printing from any Google application, be it Gmail, Docs, or something else that supports the new service.

The HP ePrint-enabled system will then be paired with your Google account.

You can send a print job to the printer you've chosen when you want, whether the printer is in front of you, in another room or across the country (it and you will have to be connected to the Internet).

All HP ePrint-enabled printers and e-all-in-ones are compatible with the Google Cloud Print service say the companies.

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