HP has completed its acquisition of Palm and both brands are hinting at an exciting roadmap ahead.

Firstly, in its official statement HP stated that it would be able to become a key player in the smartphone market. Its executive VP Todd Bradley said:

"With webOS, HP will deliver its customers a unique and compelling experience across smartphones and other mobility products.

"This allows us the opportunity to fully engage in growing our smartphone family offering and the footprint of webOS”.

Exciting, but nothing surprising really - big tech company buys out failing tech company who has a rich history in mobile devices and then plans to produce successful mobile devices using its clout and the brand history.

Where it does get really interesting though is HP's statement that "Palm will be responsible for webOS software development and webOS based hardware products, from a robust smartphone roadmap to future slate PCs and netbooks".

Also Palm's John Zilber said: "The combination of Palm’s trailblazing webOS and HP’s strength as the leading provider of everything from PCs, laptops, and printers to home electronics and enterprise systems promises an amazing roadmap of new tools for your mobile and web-connected future".

So it isn't just HP smartphones we can expect to see - we can also look forward to webOS powered tablets and netbooks.

We're definitely excited by the prospect of webOS making its way across multiple platforms - are you? Let us know what you would like to see come out of HP's buyout of Palm using the comments below.