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(Pocket-lint) - Who said 10-inch tablets are dead? Honor thinks not, introducing two slates in that size ballpark. There's the 10.1-inch Honor Pad X6 and the higher-spec 9.7-inch Honor Pad 6.

The names are similar, as is the specification. Both models run Huawei's Kirin 710A processor, paired with 3GB RAM (4GB in some regions for the X6). But the X6 is the lower spec model of the pair, with a lower-res screen - it's 'HD Ready', at 1280 x 800, compared to the Pad 6's 'Full HD', 1920 x 1200 pixels - and no 4G/LTE roaming option available.

The thing that really sees the Pad X6 stand apart though? Its 'Neo Mint' only colour finish. Yummy. The Pad 6 is available in a much more sensible - and haven't-we-heard-that-name-somewhere-else-before - Space Gray finish.

Both tablets' frames are metal, with a majority aluminium build. The key thing, however, will be aiming at a lower price point to undercut the competition. After all, being that Honor is a Huawei company, it's not permitted to run Google Play Services on its devices - and as such there's no Google Play Store, instead it's App Gallery based instead.

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Is that enough to put you off? Well, in a tablet form there's less need for certain apps - say, WhatsApp - if all you want to do is browse and stream content. In which case App Gallery doesn't have to be a total turn-off. If the price is right...

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 21 August 2020.