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(Pocket-lint) - Google has announced a media-focused feature specifically for Android tablets: Entertainment Space.

It's a new hub available in the Android tablet interface that helps with content discovery, by bringing together YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, games, and books for you to easily access. It's one of the more major changes to the Android tablet experience in a long time, and it could be potentially very useful. Everyone in your family can have their own personalised profile, too, which is handy if you all share a single Android tablet.

“You’ll save time and avoid having to hop between apps to try to figure out what to do, whether it’s to watch, play or read,” explained Google in a blog post. “Once you sign in to your subscription apps, Entertainment Space will show you your content in one place and tailored for you."

How Entertainment Space looks and works

The Entertain Space consists of a Watch section that looks like the Google TV experience - complete with a list of streaming apps installed on your tablet and recommendations sourced from Google TV. Tapping play will kick you over to whatever app a video is from on your device.

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There is also a Games area in Entertainment Space with recommended titles, plus a “continue playing” row of games and a spotlight on “instant play” games. Finally, there is a Books tab that shows what you're currently reading in Google Play Books. Audiobooks are also available, as are popular books on sale.

How to find Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space is located on the left of the Android tablet home screen.

Which tablets offer Entertainment Space?

Launching first in May on Android tablets available from Walmart, it’ll expand globally later in 2021 to other Android devices from Lenovo, Sharp, and others.

There is nothing particularly innovative about Entertainment Space, and there are some gotchas at launch. For one, Samsung isn’t yet on the list of OEM partners. Also, Netflix isn’t participating with Entertainment Space, though it’ll still show up in the “recently used” apps row.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.
  • Source: Google’s Entertainment Space for Android tablets puts videos, games, and books in one place - blog.google
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