Google will formerly announce its new range of hardware products during its live event tomorrow, 9 October, and that includes the Google Pixel Slate - codenamed Nocturne in previous rumours.

However, you can actually see it here beforehand, along with details of the new device.

That's thanks to MySmartPrice, which claims to nabbed press images of the forthcoming tablet, along with a picture of the official detachable keyboard.


The pics reveal some key (external) specs. It has a USB Type-C connection on one of the sides, and black areas on both sides could indicate that it comes with LTE cellular compatibility. The power button is at the top and there are front-facing stereo speakers.

It is a touchscreen device and comes with a similar stylus as the one included with last year's Pixelbook.

The detachable keyboard is nicely designed, it seems, with circular keys and pogo pins to attach it to the Slate. This will ensure a solid connection with no latency (unlike Bluetooth equivalents).


The round keys also match the icons on the Slate's screen, with Android apps alongside Chrome OS software. There have also been rumours in recent times that Google is working on including Windows 10 compatibility for its laptop and tablet devices, but there's no evidence of that as yet.

We'll see the device in the flesh tomorrow.