Amid rumours that Google will update its tablet ranges in the coming months, retailers in the UK are shifting stock at amazing prices.

The latest product to get a price cut, with Amazon and Argos at least, is the Google Nexus 9, the company's 8.9-inch tablet that came out at the end of last year from around £320.

Both retailer wants just £200 of your hard-earned readies for the 16GB Wi-Fi model or, if you are looking for more storage, £300 for the 32GB version. That's quite a tidy discount and puts the Nvidia Tegra K1 slate well ahead of similarly specified rivals in price terms.

Apple's iPad mini 3 starts at £319, for example, and the Nexus 9 with the discount is even £40 cheaper than the entry level iPad mini 2.

Strangely, Google itself is not offering a similar discount on its online store. So if you fancy a cheap as chips 8.9-incher you'll have to head to either Amazon or Argos pretty sharpish.

The Nexus 9 is manufactured by HTC and has had great critical response since hitting the market in November. Whether the price drop means the new tablets are imminent remains to be seen.

We'd favour a UK release around the same time as last year, on the build up to Christmas.

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