Google has launched its first real world "store" allowing people to try out Android or Chromebook before they buy within a dedicated Google environment.

The store within a store is located in the incredibly large Carphone Warehouse / Currys shop on London's Tottenham Court Road, and follows Microsoft and Apple who both have store concessions - stores within stores - already in the shop.

Placed just inside the front door, the new "area" features a window display, a huge doodle wall that lets you graffiti the Google logo, and an even bigger interactive Google Maps screen that you control with a large touchscreen display.


Smattered around these whimsical playthings (there is even a coffee bike for the next two weeks) are of course Google powered products including the latest Nexus tablets, Android Wear smartwatches, smartphones, and Chromebooks.

The interactive window display encourages you to push buttons and turn knobs just like an exhibit at the Science Museum, and you can have you picture snapped before it is emailed to you to share.

The Google Doodle wall is probably the most advanced bit of tech here, and on asking, you'll get a digital spray can to make your mark. Remembering to press the capture button is key, and at the end you can access a video of your efforts, again to share.

With two hipster-looking store dudes (both with big beards and short hair of course) manning the experience there is always someone on hand to help, although you will have to venture off into the depths of the store to pay.

It is obvious though that from watching people in the area it is being seen as a play thing rather than a resource to get what you want if you already know what that is.

Apple's retail arm needn't be overly worried over Google's efforts, but if you've got a spare 10 minutes and find yourself on Tottenham Court Road, the experience is fun enough to waste some of your time on.