Google's yet-to-be-announced Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 smartphone are being announced within the next 24 hours and will be loaded with Android L.

According to Forbes, which cited an unnamed source close to Google, you can expect the HTC-made Nexus 9 to unveil shortly and then release a couple weeks later, probably in November.

According to the website, the company will make an announcement through a blog post, where it'll also confirm the tablet as the first device to run Android L.

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Pocket-lint's own sources aren't able to confirm the launch of the Nexus 9, but have confirmed that the Nexus 6, dubbed Shamu after the killer whale on the account of its size, will also be announced via a blog post on Google's site on the 15 October. 

Forbes also states that Google reportedly decided to not hold an event for the tablet, because it was still working on Android L, though the tablet will be available for pre-order on 17 October and available to buy on 3 November. 

The PR team at Google were unavailable at the time of publication.  

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The Nexus 9 will cost $399 for the 16GB version and $499 for the 32GB LTE version. Both will be equipped with expandable memory. Other features include a 8.9-inch 2048×1440 display, 64-bit dual-core processor, Nvidia Kepler GPU, 8MP rear-facing camera, 3MP front-facing camera, HTC's boomsound and dual front-facing speakers, and a brushed aluminum frame.

The Nexus 9 will also launch alongside a magnetic stand that doubles as a case. The stand-case is described as "origami" in that it can bend and fold any which way in order to protect the tablet as well as prop it up. The case will be available tomorrow.

The Nexus 6 meanwhile will come with a 6-inch screen and be aimed at developers keen to play with Android L on a test device.

Our sources tell us the Nexus 6 is a massive device bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus in size. It doesn't look to be focused towards the general consumer but rather developers keen to have a play with the new Android OS on a phablet that is bigger than the Galaxy Note 4, the HTC Max, and the LG G3. 

There's no word yet on when Google will release the next version of Android - Android L - for other devices.

We will keep you posted.