(Pocket-lint) - Google's Project Tango has already been revealed in phone form and now it looks like tablets are about to get the same treatment. We can expect the tablets to arrive next month with complete world scanning smarts.

Project Tango is all about mapping the 3D world using a device. Armed with two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced three-dimensional capture software these devices map the world. They are the solution to indoor mapping and directions, which are currently not possible with GPS.

According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, Google will be releasing 4000 of these Project Tango tablets to developers next month. The 7-inch slates will go out, apparently, after Google's developer conference at the end of June.

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, who are behind Project Tango, released a phone prototype in February that has already got developers making apps. From helping the visually impaired navigate indoors to 3D scanning objects or creating augmented reality gaming worlds, the possibilities are vast.

While this technology is exciting we don't expect to see it in the hands of the public for sometime. Much like Google Glass this will sit with developers for sometime as it is perfected and consumer applications are discovered.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.